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The Holmes County

Board of Health

After the Pandemic Influenza outbreak of 1918, Ohio lawmakers adopted legislation forming health districts in each county. This legislation was based on observations that organized and effective public health departments could improve the health outcomes in communities during the flu.

The Holmes County General Health District is governed by a five member Board of Health and day-to-day functions are carried out by the Health Commissioner. The Board has the authority to adopt rules, regulations and resolutions, which have the same status as law.

Board members are appointed to five-year, overlapping terms and at least one member must be a physician. Four of the Board members are chosen by the Holmes County District Advisory Council. The advisory council is composed of the chairman of each township's board of trustees or a designee, the mayor of each village and the president of the Holmes County Board of Commissioners. The Advisory Council meets annually in March.

The Licensing Council appoints one member to the Board of Health. The Licensing Council is comprised of one representative from the businesses whose activities are licensed by the Board of Health, which include: food service operations, retail food establishments, manufactured home parks, public swimming pools, the landfill, and campgrounds. The council elects one of its members to serve on the Board of Health.


The Board of Health meets regularly at the Health Department Building (typically on the fourth Friday of the month at 8:00 AM, except November and December where they will occur on the third Friday). These meetings are open to the public. Please call in advance to confirm the date of the meeting being held that you plan to attend.

BOH Members

Misty Burns - President
Kurt Rodhe - Past President
Scott Balder - Board Member
Paul Miller - Board Member
Dr. Eric Miller - Board Member

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